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Northwest Arkansas Pawn is a private pawn broker atypical from most pawn shops. Our private transaction in your home or office, or ours, is not offered by any other pawn shops or pawnbrokers. Looking to sell gold or possibly sell jewelry? Gold, jewelry, vehicles, watercraft, heavy equipment, antiques and firearms are just a few of the items we specialize in here at Northwest Arkansas Pawn. In the 35 years we have been in the pawn industry in Northwest Arkansas, we have never encountered a dollar amount too high on a pawn, and we guarantee to offer the highest dollar on your items of value whether you decide to sell or pawn. Our private pawn transaction secures your privacy, and is available in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

We offer same-day cash on your pawn, regardless of whether it is gold, jewelry, firearms, antiques, vehicles, watercraft, heavy equipment, or whatever you choose to pawn. Our variable length pawn is unlike any other in the pawn industry, as we are able to offer shorter and longer pawn period lengths than any other pawn shop in the pawn industry, especially those in Northwest Arkansas.

Most pawn shops offer to loan you a personal loan on your item for pawn. However, we do not offer personal loans, we offer a pawn re-purchase agreement for your item. We do not loan. Loans and/or personal loans require us to do business in a matter which could impair our ability to offer the privacy that our transaction provides.

The pawn transaction is a quick and easy way to get instant cash hassle-free. We purchase your item of value and then provide you with an exclusive Pawn Re-Purchase Agreement. A pawn repurchase agreement gives you exclusive right to re-purchase your pawned item for a set price by a specific date. A Pawn re-purchase agreement can be for one day to 180 days depending on the arrangement made during the actual pawn transaction.

If you are unable to re-purchase your pawned item within the re-purchase period, you may be able to extend the period of your pawn, subject to state law. A pawn extension can be made paying any pawn fees due prior to the end of the pawn re-purchase period. Failure to extend a pawns re-purchase period by the end of the pawns grace period will void the pawn re-purchase agreement.

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