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    In over 35 years, we've loaned over 100,000,000 in short and long term loans on luxury assets to residents of Northwest Arkansas.
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    From precious metals to fine art and antiques, RV's and boats to luxury watches and handbags, let us show you how to unlock the value in your assets.
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How It Works

Short and Long term personal loans, from $500 to $1,000,000.


Schedule an appointment to meet our staff, at a time and location of your choice.


The meeting will allow us to discuss and evaluate your needs and items of value, and determine the loan amount.

Get Cash!

Once a mutually-beneficial re-purchase agreement has been signed, you can take your cash home with you.


Before your agreement ends, extend it with a small renewal payment or re-purchase your items of value for the mutually-agreed upon price.

Assets We Accept

Below are just a few examples of the assets we accept.

Gold & Precious Metals

If it's real and glitters, we offer on it.

Jewelry & Diamonds

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more!

Luxury Watches

From Audemars Piquet to Zenith.

Heavy Equipment

Capitalize on your heavy equipment.

Luxury Vehicles

Classic to modern, we offer on all.


Licensed for over 30 years.

Land & Homes

Homes and un-developed land.

Boats & ATV's

Speedboats, motorcycles and more.

Livestock & Farm

Short and long term farm loans.

Fine Wine

Well-cellared can be well-leveraged.


Frequently Asked Questions

A re-purchase agreement gives you the exclusive right to re-purchase your asset for a set price by a specific date.
Re-purchase agreements range from 1-6 months, depending on your needs, and can be extended for much longer.
If you are unable to re-purchase your asset(s) within the re-purchase period, you may extend the agreement with a small pre-determined amount.
We base our offer on the value of your asset, its current condition, and our ability to re-sell the item.
As long as your re-purchase agreement is active, we consider the asset to be your property and care for it accordingly. We place all items in secure, surveilled and climate-controlled storage until you exercise your re-purchase agreement.
Please give us a call at (479) 270-8800 or use our contact form below and someone will contact you within an hour, during business hours.

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